What Makes Happy Can The Best Bottle Depot In NE Calgary?

Happy can bottle depot storefront with a car parked in the parking lot

We know there are many bottle depot options to choose from. It’s the type of service that you simply require to get the containers out of your storage area and the refund back in your pocket. But did you know that some options are better than others? And when the experience is that much better, you’ll want to choose our bottle depot over the others. Not out of necessity, but because we are the best!

While we know we are the best bottle depot in NE Calgary, you may not be familiar with all of the reasons why. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in!

Why Is Happy Can Bottle Depot The Best Bottle Depot In Northeast Calgary?

As we mentioned, we know we’re the best option for you to return your empty drink containers and below we are going to share our reasons for making such a bold statement. 

We Are The Newest

Ours is the newest bottle depot in NE Calgary. Happy Can Bottle Depot is the newest depot in this area of the city, located in Forest Lawn. We set out to be a great choice for container returns from day one and continue to maintain that vision today.

We Have The Best Technology

This includes client facing displays and a cash back ATM machine. When building our new depot, we wanted to ensure the best technology available was provided. We offer client facing screens so you can count along with our team to ensure you’re happy with the amounts being entered.

We also have a cash back ATM machine for quick and easy refunds. You just pop the ticket your container counter provided into the machine and your refund will be dispensed. 

Our Facility Is Clean & The Staff Are Friendly

Another aspect of being the best bottle recycling option for our customers was to ensure that our facility was clean and our staff friendly. These are two areas that we work diligently to maintain. There’s nothing worse than walking into a depot that is dirty, has sticky floors and the staff is unhelpful or rude.

We work hard to keep our depot clean and to reduce the smells that naturally accompany recycling containers. And while we can always promise a perfect scent, we can ensure that the team we hire is kind, helpful and provide the necessary support you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We Offer Convenience Services

This includes free pick up from your home or commercial location, which we believe is our secret weapon. Unlike other programs that take a portion of your deposit to provide this convenient service, not only do we give you your full refund, but we also do not charge fees of any kind to pick up your empty containers.

Free pick up by Happy Can Bottle Depot

You just text us when you need to schedule a pick up, put your containers outside by the date and time window agreed upon and we’ll e-transfer your full refund to you. This option is available to both our residential and commercial customers. 

We Also Offer Bottle Drive Support

Being an active part of the community is important to us. That’s why we support local bottle drives in numerous ways.

  • When returning bottles at the depot or through our pick up option, you can choose to designate your refund to any one of the non-profit initiatives registered with us.
  • Local charity initiatives can register to receive donated refunds through our quick and easy online registration process.
  • Bottle drive help. We offer a resource package for organizations and groups planning bottle drives. This includes information on how to plan and execute a successful bottle drive, sign templates, bag racks, bins and the use of our pick up trucks to return large volumes of containers to the depot for counting. 

If you’re looking for a bottle depot that makes the process of returning your empties or raising funds as simple and enjoyable as possible, you’ve definitely found the best one! Contact us today with any questions, concerns or opportunities you may have. 

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