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Woman keeping used bottles to dustbin to skip the bottle depot

Bringing your empty bottles and cans back to the bottle depot is a necessary chore, but one that few people enjoy. It can be a messy job and take up time in your day – often on the weekends when you’d much rather be doing something else.

So what do you do if you want to get rid of your empty containers and get your refund back without the hassle? Skip the bottle depot!

What Does It Mean To “Skip The Depot”?

When you “skip the bottle depot” you avoid having to visit our actual bottle depot location. You’re able to return your empty drink containers and get your refund back without having to even leave home. You simply book a date and time slot with us and we will come to pick up your bottle recycling from you. 

How Do Bottle Pick Up Services Work?

We will collect your bottle recycling from your location during the allotted time that was scheduled. We will then take your empty containers back to the depot to be counted. The count is recorded and you may request a copy of the recording at any time. Once the count is complete, your refund is sent to you via e-transfer. 

Residential Bottle Recycling Pick Up Services 

When scheduling a bottle return pick up, you can choose to have our team come to your home. Prior to your pick up date and time, you will need to put your bottles, cartons and cans somewhere that is secure on the outside of your property and we will pick them up without you even being home. Alternatively, you may also be available to let us into a garage or basement to collect the containers for pick up. 

There is no minimum order size to set up residential bottle pick up services

Commercial Recycling Program

For businesses, you can schedule a one time or a recurring pick up at the frequency that is most convenient for you through our commercial recycling program. Empty containers should be stored inside of your business so our team will come to collect them during your business hours, or someone will be required to be onsite during the pick up. 

We can come daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency that works for your business. The containers are picked up, counted and the refund is sent to you via transfer or can be held in an account and transferred on a consistent frequency as well. 

Commercial properties and businesses have used their bottle return refunds as a way to offset their other garbage removal, recycling and sanitation costs. Many also choose to donate their refunds to a registered non-profit organization and receive a tax receipt to offset their tax liability instead. 

How Much Does It Cost To Skip The Depot?

At Happy Can Bottle Depot, we strive to provide both our residential and commercial customers with the best possible experience, including no-cost options to skip the depot. Having your empty containers picked up from your home or business saves you time and money. Happy Can is proud to enable that experience.

In order to offer this service in the best way possible for our customers, we never take a portion of your refund and do not charge a fee for pick up services. Unlike other skip the depot options, we make our convenient services available to you at no cost and guarantee that we never will!

Please visit our website to learn more or schedule an appointment for bottle recycling pick up. 

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