5 Reasons to Recycle Your Bottles and Cans at a Bottle Depot

Bunch of used cans kept for recycling

Do you want to help the environment and live a healthy life? Think about all the great reasons to participate in recycling. Excess pollution negatively affects your physical and mental health. Recycling is a green initiative that starts with simple steps like returning your bottles and cans to a bottle depot. Being in touch with nature and preserving it for the future benefits the planet and helps reduce negative feelings.

Negative Effects of Throwing Bottles and Cans into the Garbage

Soft drinks, alcohol, and water taste great going down your throat but the bottles and cans these liquids come in negatively impact the environment. When these containers are tossed out as waste, they take years to decompose. Not only does this increase the need for using new materials to make more products but causes an increase in pollutants from factories and industrial processing.

Think twice before you throw out that bottle or can. Instead, find a local bottle depot where you can feel good about helping prevent more garbage. Recycling protects the earth one item at a time.

5 Major Benefits of Recycling

  1. Protection of the Ecosystem – When fewer materials are needed to make new items, it reduces the need to take something from nature. Raw materials like oil, plants, and gas need to be refined in factories to produce plastics. When products get recycled, pieces of the environment are saved. Not only does recycling reduce the need to produce new products, but it helps prevent bottles and cans from being tossed into the waterways, harming fish and wildlife.
  1. Energy Saving – Creating items from recycled materials means energy gets saved. It requires less energy to make something out of a recycled product than it does to source it from a new product.
  1. Pollutant Reduction – When you throw fewer bottles and cans into the garbage you reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. This can help minimize the pollutants being released into the air, water, and land.
  1. Lessens Toxins – As new items are made from recycled goods it reduces incineration. This limits the number of toxic fumes being emitted into the air and polluting the planet.
  1. Creates Community – As recycling is put into place, people of all cultures come together for a common goal, providing opportunities to connect. Recycling is a way for schools, hospitals, and many more spaces to raise money for new resources. These feel-good activities help reduce anxiety and improve overall mental health.  

Ways to Become a Better Recycler

What can you do to help the recycling process? If you want to learn how to become a better recycler here are some tips to ease the process for yourself and your local bottle depot:

  • Avoid Recycling Plastic Bags – Plastic bags jam up the recycling machines which can halt business operations until the issue is dealt with. It is a good idea to avoid using plastic bags to contain your recyclables. Try reusing your plastic bags or bring them to a local supermarket that can recycle them for you. Paper bags are a great alternative to hold your items.
  • Stop Aspirational Recycling – Stop trying to mix recyclable and non-recyclable items. When too many non-recyclable items are found in the pile then the entire load is likely to end up in a landfill meaning you are adding to the waste problem instead of helping fix it. If you are unsure if a product is recyclable, check the facts by asking a bottle depot before adding it to your recycling bin. There are also good online resources from your local municipality or waste management companies for your research needs.
  • Educate Yourself – Every city and bottle depot has different rules and regulations regarding what you can recycle. Teach yourself about the different ways recycling can benefit the environment so you know how best to go about it. You don’t want to have wasted your recycling efforts by disposing of something in the wrong way. Check with your local bottle depot before sorting out your recyclable goods to ensure you are putting each item into the correct bin.

Recycling might seem complicated but once you learn how to recycle various materials it becomes a breeze. Recycling is about warding off waste. When you spend a little time recycling your bottles and cans, you make a positive impact on the environment and everyone in it – including yourself. When you contact Happy Can Bottle Depot, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or provide further assistance.

Help make the planet a better place for everyone to live now and in the future. Start recycling today to make a positive impact on future generations. 

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