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Businesses and commercial properties can amass a large number of empty drink containers that need to be returned to the bottle depot for refunds. Having these hauled away with your regular garbage or recycling can get costly and you miss out on the refund payment. Many commercial operations choose to use our Commercial Recycling Program which allows them to get access to their bottle refunds without adding to their garbage removal costs. 

Convenience On Your Schedule

At Happy Can Bottle Depot, we strive to make bottle recycling as simple for our customers as possible. That’s why we offer empty container recycling pick ups on your schedule. 

Our team will come to your place of business or commercial property to pick up your empty drink containers during your opening hours, or when there will be someone on-site to let them in. We can schedule this around your peak business hours to ensure our team is not in your way. 

You will also choose the best pick up frequency for your location based on the number of bottles and cans you collect in a day and how much storage space you have. We can schedule a pick up once, whenever you reach out to us or on a set frequency such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Whatever makes sense for your needs!

No Fees, Ever Guarantee

There are other programs out there that will collect your bottle returns from your business but they either reduce the amount of refund you receive per item or they charge a fee for their services. Some companies will even charge you a pick up fee and not provide your refund amount back to you!

At Happy Can, we want our service to be convenient but also affordable and beneficial for you. This is why we never reduce the amount per container that we return to you and we never charge a fee for our services. We don’t do that now and we guarantee that we never will. No surprises or introductory prices here. Just a guarantee that we will pick up your containers on the frequency you set out and send you your refund without any cost or loss to you. 

Off Set Your Waste Removal Expenses

Your business or property is required to pay for waste removal services. In some cases, this can include both a garbage and recycling fee. These costs can add up quite a bit if you have a busy location with a lot of material thrown away. And if the items that should be sent to the bottle depot are included, not only will the volume of your pick ups increase (which can up the costs), but you miss out on those refunds. 

Benefits of our Commercial Recycling Program

  1. Less volume in your garbage or recycling collection reduces costs. 
  2. Refunds returned can be used to support the cost of other waste removal. 
  3. Refunds can be donated to a registered non-profit organization that provides you with a valuable tax receipt. 
  4. All of this comes at zero cost to you!

To learn more about our Commercial Recycling Program, please visit our website or contact us directly. 

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