How to Become a Great Recycler?

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Recycling can seem like a daunting task with all those bottles and cans piling up in your garage. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, a Calgary bottle depot is the ideal place to go. There are so many benefits to recycling besides making space to park your vehicles. It helps preserve the natural environment by reducing the need to use raw materials to produce new items.

When fewer new products are required, toxins such as carbon dioxide and methane are prevented from entering the air because incineration is reduced. This results in less air and water pollution and a healthier planet.   

Here are several tips to help make your recycling journey a little easier.

Think Before You Buy

When heading to the store, think about how your purchases affect the environment. Instead of purchasing products in plastic bottles, consider items packaged in glass containers. Glass is infinitely recyclable which means new products can be made from old glass without losing quality. Only PET or HDPE plastics are recyclable, increasing the chance that other plastics will end up as pollution.

Consider buying reusable products to avoid waste and adding to the landfills. Multi-use products help reduce the need for sourcing new material thereby preventing unwanted pollutants in the air. Things like refillable water bottles and washable food containers not only save you money but can save up to 40% of the energy required to make new ones.  

Consider the environmental impact of the products you buy. Make smart choices when shopping because every step you take towards helping the environment means a healthier, greener planet.  


Billions of dollars of food are wasted each year. Most landfills are comprised of food waste due to the “eyes bigger than your stomach” situation. You may think that is ok because food breaks down naturally. The problem with organic matter in landfills is that decomposition is hindered by the multiple plastic items mixed in. 

Think about buying a small loaf of bread next time you are at the market instead of the full one and consider the quantity of food you eat versus the amount that you throw out. Meal planning and composting can save you money and save the environment from excess waste.

Composting uses your organic waste to feed the soil. What are some food items you can compost?

  • Vegetable peel
  • Rotten fruit
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds

Use your compost as a natural fertilizer to help add nutrients back into the soil and retain moisture.

Make A Positive Impact

When you want to get rid of old electronics or batteries, first think of ways they can be reused. Your Calgary bottle depot may not take electronic items but there are local recycling centres that will. If you have furniture you no longer need, try selling these items at a garage sale or donating them to a pub or local charity organization. 

Old toys, household items, tools, and clothing can all be donated instead of adding to the landfills.   Many organizations welcome used items that can be sold in a thrift store or distributed to families in need.

Clean Inside and Out

Bottles and cans recycling on a regular basis is an easy way to do your part for a greener planet. Remember to clean the exterior and interior of the containers before taking them to your bottle depot. A quick rinse and dry helps leftover particles from going mouldy and rendering your items non-recyclable. You also want to avoid a wet residue from creating odours and inviting unwanted creatures into your bin of recyclable goods. Mice, raccoons, and other scavenger animals can raise havoc in your garden and home.

Visible Recycling Bins

Place recycling bins in various spots throughout your home. This helps you remember to recycle while making it easy and convenient for your family to recycle as well.

There are five different types of recycling bins, each colour for different types of products. The bright colours are a fun way to help teach your kids what goes where.

  1. Blue Bin – The blue bin is great for an office as it holds paper products.
  1. Green Bin – Organic materials can be placed into this bin so items such as food, flowers, and coffee grounds.
  1. Red Bin – Items that go in here will have a thin plastic coating such as tape, cling wrap, and plastic bags.
  2. Yellow Bin – The yellow bin is more of a mixed one in that it holds a variety of items which are paper, glass and plastic containers, and cans.
  3. White Bin – The white bin holds soft plastic items like bubble wrap, confectionary bags, and biscuit packages.

The colours will even help you remember what goes where and when you can help others with recycling you are aiding in the escalation of this positively impactful environmental step.


Recycling is a small step you can take to make a huge impact and influence others to do the same. As a bonus, recycling bottles and cans at a Calgary bottle depot is a great way to earn a little extra cash. All those deposit fees can add up to enough for your weekly trip to your favourite coffee shop!

If you want to know what items you can recycle, Happy Can Bottle Depot will happily answer all your questions; just give us a call.

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