Commercial Program/Bottle Return in Calgary

Stop paying to recycle your building’s cans and bottles – and missing out on the container refunds!

Many commercial, condominium and apartment buildings pay to have their containers picked up with their recycling, when they could be using our Commercial Recycling Program to save on costs and get the valuable refund dollars credited back to your building with bottle return in Calgary.

Help offset your waste management costs today!

Bottle Pick-Up

Happy Can Bottle Depot offers a Commercial Recycling Program that includes city wide bottle pick-up from restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, condos and other businesses. It’s never been easier to manage your bottle returns in Calgary!

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Calgary Bottle Returns with No Fee Guarantee

Our commercial recycling program offers a no-fee bottle pick-up service to businesses located in the Calgary area, with a guarantee that there will never be any fees. We pride ourselves on providing professional, convenient service for bottle returns in Calgary.

Happy Can Bottle Depot has over 11 years of experience under our belt and we will show you why many of our customers choose us as their preferred service provider.

Call or text us at 403-272-6567 or complete our Contact form to schedule a time to have your bottles picked-up for free.

We also provide your deposit payment at the time of pick-up.

Recyclable Materials:




Did You Know?

Many condo and apartment buildings in Calgary put their recyclable beverage containers into blue bins, but that service costs the building and its residents money. Using our Commercial Recycling Program to have Happy Can Bottle Depot pick-up your building’s bottle recycling will save money, and also provides the deposit payment directly back to the building to help offset your waste management costs.

Save money AND earn money - it’s a win all around!